Communicating different dialogue

Like any project, a good communicators plan is a must to support changes to the way engagement or consultation activity is being delivered.

Of course we know that all new engagement activity absolutely must be in line with public health advice in order to help maintain and support public confidence both in your own organisation and to support the national efforts to combat COVID-19.

For me the starting point with any change project is your stakeholder analysis, and in particular carried out thinking about the best updated methods for engaging with your different stakeholders depending on their needs.

There are threads in other places on this site looking at the different methods that could be deployed.  And don’t ever under estimate the planning time it takes to organise engagement activities – making sure you plan well is key to success.

As always a good communications plans with clear objective, key messages, the different tactics for communicating, evaluation metrics and budget/resources are critical components.

There will be a bigger requirement to explain how to access the engagement opportunity, joining instructions (eg on-line focus groups) and more thought about how people can register for opportunities.

So what do we think are the main elements of communicating access to different ways to engagement?

Let us know your thoughts and ideas here


Last updated byAnonymous on March 23, 2020
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