How-to guide

This page explains how the system works. There are three basic constructs:-

  1. Creating a new category;
  2. Creating a “new article” by creating a sub-category;
  3. Editing an “existing article”

Creating a new category (for example, on the homepage)

Topics are called categories. Creating a “new category” is only possible where you see this logo, for example on the homepage.

When you click “new article” you will see this

Press the “+ add category” button to add a category. Type the new category name into the box (labelled ‘my new article name’ above). YOU MUST PRESS ENTER. Now add a title and text to the main article. Note that your new category will not save unless it has a title and some text. Press the “green” publish button.

Creating a new sub-category article

The new article button will appear at the top level of any main category. Repeat the instructions for “creating a new category” as above but this time just select the existing category from the drop-down menu. If you do not select an existing category then your work will go into a black hole! The title of your article will now become the category subheading. Remember to press the green publish button.

Editing an existing article

Look out for the edit button on all editable pages

Click this button and you will see an editable version of the current page. Just press the green “publish button” when you have completed your edits.